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Our KitchenTruck is a fully-fledged restaurant kitchen with options to integrate every conceivable feature. This concept is based on a fixed setup within a motor trailer fitted with a hydraulic levelling system as well as spacious refrigeration and freezer systems. Requiring just half an hour for the driver to set up, this model offers the greatest degree of flexibility and cost cutting for every event. Features and floor plans are individually implemented according to your wishes.


This concept is based on a floor plan designed as a BOX or a BOX with slide-out technology for extending the space. In other words, it is possible to transport “The KitchenBOX” at low costs to your location of choice with haulage partners and without your own vehicle. A hydraulic lowering system brings the kitchen down to near ground level, and requires only one step to reach the kitchens interior. Spacious areas with room for plating up food and storage are two further advantages of Spectra’s “The KitchenBOX”. As with all of our models, the space can also be individually tailored to your wishes and include all of your desired features.

FoodSupporter CoolBox

We also continue to offer the “Supporter CoolBOX” as a transfer vehicle which separates your supplies into two zones within a supply vehicle using a variable separating wall. You are able to refrigerate and warm your food at the same time during transport, offering the highest possible flexibility à la minute.

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