Inimitable independently in form and function


The concept of the Vesuri offers you a patented design which maximises flexibility. As a fully-fledged everyday vehicle with an incredible amount of storage space, as a motorhome or as a fixed two-room apartment with an attractive, modern interior, it is individually designed to your requirements.


The Vesuri sleeps up to four people as a motorhome or up to six as an apartment, and comes complete with living and dining space, kitchen and bathroom built in a contemporary Bauhaus style with real glass elements. It also has space for your everyday car, offering room for up to six people and allowing you the flexibility to explore the surrounding area at your holiday destination.


The Vesuri from Spectra is neither a camping van nor a caravan. We make the impossible possible – combining the most convenient elements from everyday cars, camping vans and caravans in our uncompromising "made in Germany" quality.


Desire to travel in his most beautiful form.


This partially integrated heavy-class motorhome features lateral extendable slide-outs (Erker), vertical lift-up, garages, roof - sky - lounge, winter package and numerous other options for varying the setup without prefabricated unit floor plans.


As individual as your choice of holiday, we produce the Volante to deliver on your personal high standards.




Compact exclusivity


Everything required for a luxury motorhome without having too much on-board. Velvet belongs to the lightweight vehicle category but boasts the amenities of Spectra’s larger ranges.


The vehicle, which is designed to house four people, reconciles lightweight design and high-quality finishes with a selected range of materials. The advantages of the Velvet are its manoeuvrability and size, making it the largest inconspicuous vehicle on the road.


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