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The Micro Trailer is based on a lightweight construction principle featuring the highest load capabilities and a supply vehicle class towing vehicle. Enormous potential savings in entertainment and rolling costs for fuel make this class particularly attractive. This vehicle also allows travel on a Sunday and avoids expensive tolls as it does not require a special HGV class driver’s license.


The simple setup concept is available in a single fold-out or spacious double fold-out version. In its latest concept concept, Spectra is revolutionising the industry with the PromoBOX and is lowering the unit from the chassis onto the ground. Whether as a roadshow unit or imposing trade fair stand, everything is possible with one BOX. All that is required for setup are a few quick steps taken by one or two trained personnel.


Learn more about the options offered by mini-semi-trailers from Spectra and how they can ensure that your company’s brand presentation is a success.

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